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Liz got into dance music in the early 90’s listening to house music and early rave music. Her first exposure to clubbing happened in 1993 and from that point onwards my love for the scene began. She went to house music clubs but for most of the 90’s was heavily into the rave scene, traveling around the UK going to both legal and illegal raves. Around the same time she started collecting vinyl and had many DJ friends but didn’t properly get behind the decks until the 00’s playing predominantly progressive house, being influenced by the various renaissance and global underground compilations that came out throughout the decade of 00’s.

Regrettably, she sold her Technics, but thankfully not her vinyl, around 2009. However, during the first wave of covid, she realised just how much she missed my decks so decided to buy some more turntables in 2021, and more recently a digital set up too. Her music style is predominantly progressive house but also enjoys organic and melodic house mixing things up at times with electro or funky house and some breaks.

A quote from Liz: "I am pleased to have joined the team of talented DJ’s and look forward to sharing my sets with the listeners at Balearic FM".

Liz Dreher

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